Brief Paper Jam with forests

Q&A Session

We thank Forests for answering our questions even though some members were on tour and for all the patience they have given us. Left to Right: Adam, Darell and Niki

We thank Forests for answering our questions even though some members were on tour and for all the patience they have given us. Left to Right: Adam, Darell and Niki


Vocals, Guitar // Adam
Vocals, Bass // Darell
Drums // Niki

First things first, will you introduce yourself to any new readers who may have just learned your band’s name?

Hi we’re a 3 piece band from Singapore called Forests and we play emo pop music with some pinch of math to it. (we tried)

What would you recommend someone visiting Singapore to see?

There’s this place called Haw Par Villa where you can see scary statues of different methods used to punish people in hell. Yep.

When did you meet each other and start making music together?

We started the band in July 2014, so basically Darell wanted to start a 3 piece band that sounds like Foals but with screaming and so he asked Adam to join and he likes the idea too, and then we found our drummer, Niki, from some local music forum. We kinda clicked musically from our first jam but we still don’t sound like Foals but we have the screaming by the way.

Was there a type of emotional state you guys were in to write such beautiful yet sad music?

There’s no type of emotional state because we just write whatever and whenever inspiration strikes without warning! But hey thank you for calling our music beautiful!

What are some of your musical influences? Any musical influences that are Asian?

Damn, this is a tough question. Yeah definitely there’s some musical influences from Asia. We try to mix American emo style with some Asian touch to it. But yeah just to name a few, here are some of the cool bands that we think are cool. Pens+, Elephant Gym, By The End Of Summer, Tiny Moving Parts, Wormrot, Chinese Football, Algernon Cadwallader, Epicardiectomy, Die Antwoord, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sobs, Cosmic Child, Xing Foo & Roy, Kaji, Marijannah, Fiesta Bizzara, Lefty Fish, Foals, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Mastodon, Rich Chigga, Kreayshawn, Tide / Edit, Good Game, Delta Sleep, Chon, Bruised Willies, Subsonic Eye, Long Live The Empire, Crystal Castles, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Mxpx, Blink 182, Sum 41, 6ix9ine, and many many many many many many many many many many many many more.


What are some of your current plans going on with the band now?

We just dropped our single “Kawaii Hawaii” from our upcoming 2nd album Spending Eternity in a Japanese Convenience Store which will be released on the 1st of January 2019, but for now check it!


Any words you can bait us with about your 2nd album?

As fun as a late night trip to the convenience store?

What do you feel about the local indie scene in Singapore? Where are the places people like to hang out at?

It’s really cool, there’s a lot of new bands in Singapore and we have gigs happening quite often. Well there’s Lithe House, Decline, The Substation, Anaki, LiveAmp, just to name a few.

Love all the tidbits of audio sampling in your album Sun Eat Moon Grave Party, where did this idea come from? Where are these samples from and why did you pick these samples in particular?

We just thought it would be cool to have some samples because it’s funny to us haha. For the song “Goldfish”, it’s caused we thought the vine is so stupid so we have to use it. The sample for “Biting Straws” was taken from the movie Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. It’s just a really depressing movie :’)

Since you mentioned vines and a movie, do you have some other hobbies besides music that you’re extremely invested in?

Consuming alcoholic beverages with friends and loved ones.


There’s a lot of nature imagery in your songs and album art. What is your connection with nature?

Nature is cool. Mother Nature is cool. We just thought forests are a really cool place on earth. We love national geography.

What do you feel about being recognized as an Asian band? Would you prefer to be recognized as a Singaporean band or do these identities bother you in general?

It’s really cool that we get to be recognized as an Asian band, because that’s who we are and it’s cooler if we can help spread music made in Asia to the rest of the world. Yeah!! These identities don’t really bother us to be honest, as long as you can relate to our music wherever you are, we don’t really care if you want to call us a Singaporean band or an Asian band. It’s all up to you m8!!!

Over our interactions you seem to enjoy our name due to it sounding like Pitchfork, we love our name too but we would love to hear more about what you think!

Pitchopsticks is a fucking genius name haha. It gets the message across so fast in what you guys are trying to do, which is to cover music from Asia countries. Kudos to whoever thought of the name and made the Pitchopsticks logo.

What is your relation to Pitchfork as a magazine?

We read a lot of articles online from Pitchfork. It seems that you’re “legit” if Pitchfork writes about you.

Imagine if you are going to Mars, will you take a book or a cat?

Cat is kawaii.

Coffee or Cigarettes?


Justin Bieber or One Direction?

One Direction feat. Justin Bieber

Final Question - Chopsticks or Forks?

This is a trick question. Fork you! Chopsticks is the correct answer.

Make sure to listen to Forests new album in January! We will too!

Make sure to listen to Forests new album in January! We will too!

Last Updated December 2, 2018